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  1. My Django contributions

    I started contributing to Django core after a failure in our project.

    I had to rename a model attribute without touching our database. The solution was simple.

    # Simple attribute to rename.
    author = models.ForeignKey('Author')
    # 1. Add db_column param.
    author = models.ForeignKey('Author', db_column='author')
    # 2. Change the attribute name …
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  2. Faster parallel pytest-django

    We at Buser recently migrated from Django unittests to pytest. It is amazing how much you can improve your tests with pytest.

    Unfortunately our CI/CD was really slow after this change.

    I discovered parallel pytest-django do their setup different than Django unittests. Django create a template database and copy …

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  3. Bottle wsgilog

    Python has awesome tools for logging, including standard logging module. Also, through WSGI protocol we have the wsgilog middleware. Using it is easy with any Python web framework.

    You can easily integrate it in bottle environment.

    import bottle
    from wsgilog import log
    app = bottle.Bottle(catchall=False)
    logger_middleware = log(tohtml …
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