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  1. Django Sessions to cache

    Django sessions works great since the begining, you can do a site with them and never really understand how sessions works, but you can't scale to thousands of simultaneous users writing all your sessions to database. The database can be a huge bottleneck here and you should remove all unnecessary …

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  2. My Django contributions

    I started contributing to Django core after a failure in our project.

    I had to rename a model attribute without touching our database. The solution was simple.

    # Simple attribute to rename.
    author = models.ForeignKey('Author')
    # 1. Add db_column param.
    author = models.ForeignKey('Author', db_column='author')
    # 2. Change the attribute name …
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  3. Faster parallel pytest-django

    We at Buser recently migrated from Django unittests to pytest. It is amazing how much you can improve your tests with pytest.

    Unfortunately our CI/CD was really slow after this change.

    I discovered parallel pytest-django do their setup different than Django unittests. Django create a template database and copy …

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