Funblocker: Clean Your Facebook Timeline

Facebook is a cool way to see what your friends are doing. Social network, that is what we want. But things does not work like we want all the time.

People create a lot of annoying profiles and pages to share/repost funny pictures and things like that. Most part of these images are copied from other major sites, so I already saw it before. Also, Facebook invent all the time new ways to share things you do not want to see. Finally, my timeline was polluted by all these things.

A cruel solution is block all my friends sharing this content. Sometimes they did not even know they are sharing these trash. I don't want to do it, because, you know, I really like my friends, even though they are a bit stupid sometimes, so I need a better solution. Hey, Facebook, I want only content generated by my friends, not spams and cool-ish images.

I created FunBlocker, a Chrome Extension to handle this problem, removing some posts I do not want to see in my timeline. Just right-click on the link and remove this post or click in a button on page hovercard. That is it. This way Ican spend more time doing what I want to do: just stalk my friends.

It was a personal tool, but friends begged for it, so I released it open source, mainly because I will never install an extension which can handle my Facebook data and I can not see what is happening in the background. So, FunBlocker code is on GitHub.

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